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Whimsical illustrations by Lucy Dreams

Greetings and welcome to the website of Sophie Galinier Wheeler, aka Lucy Dreams, freelance fantasy illustrator

My job is to bring imaginary worlds to life, meet fictional characters and paint their portraits.

Lucy Dreams

My favourite techniques :

Thanks to watercolour, Indian ink and coloured pencils, my illustrations show imaginary, fantastic and dreamlike worlds.


My sources of inspiration :

Literature, Mysticism, Spirituality, Nature, History, Archaeology, Arts, Dreams, Video Games.

White rabbit pouring tea

Visit my portfolio !

Please, visit this page to know more about my inspiration and my career.

Propose a freelance mission to Lucy Dreams and get unique, whimsical and sophisticated traditional illustration.

You can also contact me directly by mail or by using the contact form.

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My Etsy shop

Watercolour artworks, linocuts, prints and stickers

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On Ko-Fi you can give me a tip in the form of a virtual cup of tea (or coffee).

One, two or three cups, at your discretion.

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