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Illustrator’s life

A freelance illustrator’s life

Simple Watercolour Heatwave Tricks For 2022… or not

Hello dear readers,

As you can see, like I said on my last post, it hasn’t taken me that long to come back and write here.
I’m still a bit overwhelmed with my multiple projects on the go, but at least I’m keeping this blog up to date.
Lately, I’ve been feeling like changing my creative habits a bit and renewing myself in the middle of the heatwave.
So, did it work?
Well, sit with a drink (hot or cold depending on your weather), because I’m going to tell you

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Luna Lovegood

Less stickers, more eco-aware creativity

Today, dear readers, on the menu: “When too many stickers are too many stickers”.

You’re probably thinking, “What is she looking for, what kind of stupid topic is this?

No, I assure you, it’s not a random “put-a-click“, but a real reflection on the “raison d’être” and the usefulness of the stickers we print over and over.

And when I say “we“, I mean, I must confess, “we illustrators” with a shop and/or a Patreon.
Everyone makes stickers.

Some are made of brown or recycled paper, but most of the time they are plastic.

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