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May : An overly stretched sylph

Cyrano de Bergerac

Hello dear readers,

How are you?

I’m sorry for the delay in updating my blog, but unfortunately I preferred to focus on the works in progress.

Since March, I have been working on other illustrations, including the Cyrano de Bergerac one that I mentioned in a previous post.
This artwork has now been finished for more than a month and I have even added it to my portfolio.

However, I hadn’t taken the time to talk about it on my blog.

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My artworks in progress : nose on the grindstone

Hello dear readers,

And welcome to my blog if you are new here.

Following my last readings I wanted to do an article in which I would have talked about Art, Illustration, Reproducibility and Walter Benjamin.

But unfortunately the lack of time forced me to postpone this project.
So I’m just dropping by to give some news and talk a bit about the projects I’m working on in this month of April 2022.

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