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Here is the exclusive January 2022 Patreon sticker !

Aujourd'hui je suis ravie de vous présenter le premier sticker de l'année, le sticker exclusif Patreon du mois de janvier 2022!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well as we enter 2022.

To start the year on the right foot, I have some good news:

Here is the exclusive January 2022 Patreon sticker!

Every month, I create exclusive giveaways for my Patreon subscribers on a chosen theme.

Here is the exclusive January 2022 Patreon sticker !

This month, I wanted to offer a little light and luck to my subscribers, so I decided to create artworks based on the theme of stars.
The lucky star of course. ⭐

So the exclusive January 2022 Patreon sticker is a smiling little star thrown around like a comet by a rainbow tail, symbolising good luck and a return of happy days.

I hope that this little smiling star will bring them luck for 2022 and beyond.

I confess that I was inspired a little by the Little Twin Stars from my childhood.

Their stars and their little faces made me dream so much!

Did you know these characters?

Little Twin Stars

They were created by the same company that designed Hello Kitty in the mid-1970s.
In the 80’s (yes, 1980, the last century) there were many small objects decorated with these little characters.

I was lucky enough to have a letterhead, a key ring/purse (I used to put my pocket money 5 Francs in it) and a little round box where I still keep earplugs when I go on a trip (not all hotels are well soundproofed and Granny Sophie needs to sleep).

From this month there are small changes for the monthly stickers

January 2022 Patreon sticker photo

Unfortunately, the gold paint will not show up in the print because I don’t work with a printer who takes care of this kind of effect…

But maybe one day I’ll do a version with gold Pantone if my Patrons ask for it.

In the meantime, to change a bit from the previous prints, I had these stickers printed by choosing the “transparent” option (the next ones will surely be matte, as usual).

As not all printers offer this possibility, I took the opportunity to “change my tack“.

Until now I used to get my stickers printed by Camaloon, a company I was very happy with.

Their printing was impeccable and I was able to order in small quantities (which is very important when you are starting a business).
Unfortunately, the delivery times were terribly long and I often had to anticipate my order up to a month in advance, or even more.

At the time of the holidays, this problem of delays reached its paroxysm of course: I had ordered my snowman stickers on November 17th (to anticipate the holiday season) and I received them… on December 24th.

In addition to this logistical problem (which I had adapted well to despite everything), there was another setback.

Sticker Patreon RedBubble

The last print was made in Croatia and sent from there in an envelope so thin that it was in pieces when it arrived…
Fortunately, the stickers were very well printed and well wrapped in bubble wrap.
But it was a close call to have my order scattered to the four corners.

With all this, I was only able to send the December 2021 counterparts to subscribers in early January 2022.
I was not happy at all… 😡

So this time I ordered the stickers from my own RedBubble shop.
As these stickers are made exclusively for my Patreon subscribers they are not visible to the public, only I can see them and order them.

into the labyrinth
Into the Labyrinth” is the 3rd support tier available on my Patreon page.

This sticker is available from the third “Into The Labyrinth” tier for €5 and those who wish to receive it have until 31 January to subscribe.
From the first of February, the subscription entitles you to the next sticker.

Of course, it is possible to subscribe just for the time it takes to open the rights to the reward you like, and then to unsubscribe just after the payment has been made so as not to be charged the following month.

Anyway, all this to say that if you would like to receive one, you can always come and support me on Patreon (Subscription from 1€)! 😜

By supporting an artist on Patreon (even temporarily), you have access to the behind the scenes of their creations, you discover a little more about their world, their inspirations and you can even receive nice rewards every month.

In a few days, I will post here the exclusive January illustration I made for my Patreon subscribers.

Take good care of yourselves until then and see you soon for more illustrated dreams!👁️⭐☁️🌈

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