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Why work together ?

Are you looking for an illustrator for a freelance assignment?

A focused and atypical artist?

Do you want your project to stand out visually?

Why not work together?

My Art

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My Skills

My expertise

There are many independent illustrators, so why work with Sophie Galinier aka Lucy Dreams?

The very first reason is that my work is guaranteed to be free of academic formatting.

I wasn’t trained by any school, no fashionable style was imposed on me, I can’t be mistaken for any other artist.

If you entrust me with a project, it will immediately stand out from your competitors: no digital, a different line and an unusual approach.

Each of my works is created with a total freedom of vision since I have been practicing for 20 years as a 100% self-taught artist.

Moreover, long studies in art history and a great curiosity have given my artistic training a very personal approach: the “out of the box” kind.

In fact, my style is the result of various influences and personal technical research.

Thanks to my atypical professional background, I easily combine imagination and analytical skills.

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This approach allows me to have a great sense of detail without neglecting the overall project.

My soft skills

Let's work together

I look at each new problem with fresh eyes and great interest.

Study, observation and a great intellectual curiosity give me complementary tools to feed the project and be proactive.

Moreover, thanks to my unusual background, I am used to working alone or in collaboration.

I can therefore easily adapt to any type of management and structure, private or public.

My many years of experience in the fields of research, culture and alternative therapies have given me discipline, respect for deadlines and the ability to listen.

My critical sense is always accompanied by optimism and patient motivation.

I am available to take on any new project.

In the meantime, I remain at your disposal for any further information about my rates, quotes or other requests.

here is a link to contact me.

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Watch Lucy Dreams Work !

In this video, go behind the scenes of the making of my “Yule Gnomegreeting cards!

Yule Gnome