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About The Lucy Dreams Private Shop

Welcome to Lucy Dreams Private Shop. This is where I sell the exclusive prints made for my Patreon subscribers.

If you wish to purchase these creations, please log in on my website with your Patreon account.
The monthly Patreon subscription to access this VIP shop is a minimum of 1€/month.

About the private access and Patreon

However, if you don’t know what Patreon is and wish to know more about it, I invite you to read the article I wrote some time ago on this patronage platform.

Of course, the tiers rewards may have changed since it was published, but the main points are explained there.

However, you should know that a new level was created last year: The Black Hole for € 1/month.

Moreover, do not hesitate to follow me on social media or directly on Patreon (it is possible to follow an artist without subscription to read the public contents) to know the evolution of the contents and the monthly subscriptions.

Why subscribe on Patreon to buy these products?

I created these illustrations exclusively for my subscribers on the Patreon support platform. They are a quid pro quo for their monthly support.

The principle of these counterparts is that they are exclusive: I create them and their variations (downloadable wallpapers, postcards, stickers, bookmarks) especially for this purpose and they are therefore not available on my public Etsy shop.

To keep their exclusive status, only Patreon subscribers can buy them.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a nice shopping and see you soon for new illustrated dreams! 👁️⭐☁️🌈