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The Crippled Phoenix Syndrome

Welcome to the Blog part of this site that I’m starting with a very appropriate subject:

The phoenix crippled syndrome or “getting your old personal page to make your pro site with WordPress is not always a good idea”.
Especially when your provider is “Free” a French telecommunications company.

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated, you may ask?

If I had been a little bit (delete as appropriate) lazy/rich/computer literate, I could have created my site on any other address than this one.

Well, not quite.
Of course, it was convenient to retrieve an old address with my illustrator nickname.
Especially since it gives access to free hosting and the paid domain names I wanted to have were already taken (yes, I swear).

But actually the “restoration” or rather the “resurrection” (to keep the metaphor of the phoenix) is far from being a long quiet river.
Although Free offers an address that suits me for free (hello captain obvious), or rather, because Free offers free hosting, their customers get “value for their money”.

It wasn’t very pleasant to find out that I was forbidden to use any SSL security plugin (you know https addresses), as well as a bunch of manipulations about which I’ll I’ll try not to bog you down.
To sum up: there’s not much I can do and the site is not suitable for setting up a secure shop.

Goodbye also to statistics and ad hoc Google referencing to help on the marketing plan.

In conclusion: a rebirth yes, but crippled for my professional communication needs.
Anyway, here is the active site even if the portfolio is still to be filled.

The rest will come little by little…


PS: I’ve since moved to Hostinger, which I recommend if you’re looking for a solution to host your site.


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