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All about Patreon and monthly subscriptions

Simple Watercolour Heatwave Tricks For 2022… or not

Hello dear readers,

As you can see, like I said on my last post, it hasn’t taken me that long to come back and write here.
I’m still a bit overwhelmed with my multiple projects on the go, but at least I’m keeping this blog up to date.
Lately, I’ve been feeling like changing my creative habits a bit and renewing myself in the middle of the heatwave.
So, did it work?
Well, sit with a drink (hot or cold depending on your weather), because I’m going to tell you

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Tigers, Pancakes, Candles & The Exclusive Creation Of The Month

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well,

It is somewhat guiltily that I’m sharing this month’s exclusive creations so belatedly, but alas I’m a bit late for good reasons that I’ll talk about here later…
Well, the important thing is that they are good and positive reasons!

In my previous post, I was going to show you the sticker, but after several messages asking how Patreon works, I chose to talk about the subscriptions first and show you the creations of the month later on.

A promise is a promise!

So now it’s time to show you this month’s exclusive creations for my Patreon subscribers.

This time on the menu: Tigers, pancakes, candles… Oh My!

Yes, Dorothy, you heard me right!

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A New subscription Tier set up !

Hello dear readers,

I hope you are well and that you have already had the opportunity to eat some good crepes to celebrate the season!

Although… in my humble opinion, it’s always crepe season, we can’t get enough of them.

Since I just ordered the stickers for my Patreon subscribers, I was going to write an article today to show it to you, talk a bit about the theme of the month, explain the reasons behind it…

However, I recently received several messages from people wishing to support me on Patreon who were having trouble figuring out the reward set-up.

The questions were always the same:

What do you get with the first €1 level?
Do you get the sticker with the 3€ subscription?
From which level on, do you get the exclusive postcard?
What are the new subscription Tier set up ?

A New subscription Tier set up !

Anyway, I discovered that I hadn’t done an article about the new subscription tier set-up since they were changed on the first of January 2022. 😅

So I’m going to explain it all to you and then I’ll devote an article to the creations of the month in the next few days.

Edit : This article has been edited following my decision to stop offering stickers and to replace them with a monthly bookmark.
Read more about this decision in this article.

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La création exclusive de janvier est là !

The Exclusive January Artwork is here !

Hello everyone,
I hope you’re all well, cosy and warm.

As I told you the other day as I shared the Patreon January exclusive sticker, I decided to create this month’s counterparts on the theme of the star : the lucky star of course.

Just like every month I also made an artwork on that theme. It will be available as postcards and downloadable wallpaper.

So, to sum up, finally

The Exclusive January Artwork is here!

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